Best Electric Service is proud to introduce our new Solar Division. Home Energy needs are quickly moving towards a new power source, Solar Energy. Best Electric’s Solar Division is here to assist you with making that transition to the future.

Best Electric Service is proud to install only the best, cutting edge, solar equipment on your house, from Enphase power supply to Tesla Power Walls and everything in between.


Best Electric has been specializing in residential and commercial electrical work in South Eastern Wisconsin for over 50 years and we are excited to help all of our great past, present, and future customers with all of their Energy Management needs.


Solar Systems provide a multitude of benefits, including, but not limited to, a reduction in your energy bills, less reliance on the electric grid, battery back up systems for specific use or even whole home protection, Electric Vehicle Charging Capabilities, and much more.


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Please contact Best Electric today at 414-727-8770 to schedule an onsite estimate and design of your upcoming Solar Project or to get more information about what a Solar Installation could look like for your home.